Despite a statement by the Russian Foreign Ministry, Russia began transferring captured ships to Ukraine

Russia began transferring previously captured warships to Ukraine.

The information that appeared about a day ago that Russia intends to transfer to the Ukrainian side the three warships previously hijacked was initially refuted by representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, however, as reported by the publication “The Duma", In fact, three Ukrainian vessels have already set sail for Ukrainian warships - the tugboats" Titan "and" Gaydamaka ", as well as the search and rescue ship" Sapphire ".

According to the publication, the transfer of three warships to the Ukrainian side will take place at night, at a distance of approximately 110 kilometers from Odessa, and Russia is allegedly already towing three previously seized ships from Kerch.

Moscow has not yet made official comments on this subject, however, if the current data are true, then the fact of why the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has categorically refuted this information raises a lot of questions.

It is noteworthy that three Ukrainian ships were indeed seen near the territorial waters of the Crimean peninsula (according to 23 hours Moscow time - approx. Ed.), But at a distance of about 210 kilometers from Odessa.