Netanyahu announced the supply of Israeli weapons to Ukraine

The Prime Minister of Israel announced the supply of Israeli weapons to Ukraine.

Benjamin Netanyahu said that at the moment he is considering the possibility of providing military assistance to Ukraine. At the moment, the possibility of supplying certain types of weapons is being studied. At the same time, Netanyahu drew attention to the fact that Israel did not take on firm obligations regarding the supply of weapons and ammunition to Ukraine.

“Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Wednesday that he is considering military assistance to Ukraine and is ready to act as an intermediary following US calls for greater involvement. Netanyahu has made no firm commitment to Ukraine, and Israel has maintained a relationship with Russia, which controls the skies in neighboring Syria and turns a blind eye to Israeli strikes against the targets of nemesis Iran. Netanyahu was asked if Israel could provide assistance to Ukraine, such as through the Iron Dome, a US-backed technology that protects Israel from air attacks. "Well, I'm certainly looking into it," Netanyahu said., - reports the Al Arabiya TV channel.

Experts, in turn, note that the supply of Israeli weapons to Ukraine is unlikely, since Netanyahu does not want to aggravate relations with Moscow and will probably focus on Moscow's current attitude towards Israeli special operations in Syria and the region as a whole.


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