Netanyahu announced his intentions to distribute weapons to the population for the war against Hamas

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced his intention to continue distributing firearms to citizens of the country. According to him, this measure has repeatedly proven its effectiveness in the fight against terrorism. The statement came against the backdrop of the recent terrorist attack in Jerusalem, when unknown assailants opened fire on people at a bus stop. Hamas's militant wing claimed responsibility for the attack, declaring it retaliation for IDF actions in the West Bank and the deaths of teenagers in Jenin.

A meeting of the military council was held today, in which US Secretary of State Blinken took part. The main topic of the negotiations was a discussion of a strategy to reduce the number of civilian casualties in the Gaza Strip and actions against Hamas fighters.

However, the meeting did not discuss the UN resolution calling for the liberation of the Golan Heights, which Israel captured in 1967. This decision is due to the non-binding nature of decisions of the UN General Assembly. This highlights the complexity of international relations in the region and the specificity of the political situation in Israel, especially in the context of the ongoing conflict with the Palestinian territories.


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