Netanyahu vowed to destroy Lebanon if Hezbollah continues its attacks

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Lebanese authorities of the possible consequences of the ongoing escalation by the Shiite organization Hezbollah on the Lebanese-Israeli border. He stressed that Hezbollah's actions could lead to the destruction of Lebanon.

Netanyahu said the Israeli army regularly destroys Hezbollah terrorist units and pushes them back from the border, as well as destroying their ammunition. At the same time, he emphasized Israel's intention to continue to maintain deterrence in the north of the country and achieve victory in the south, in the Gaza Strip.

“If Hezbollah makes a mistake and enters a full-scale war, it will destroy Lebanon with its own hands.”, Netanyahu warned.

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant also noted that the IDF is capable of causing damage to the Lebanese capital Beirut similar to what happened in the Gaza Strip. Galant expressed the opinion that Hezbollah was actually dragging Lebanon into war.

Earlier, on October 8, the head of the Shiite group, Hassan Nasrullah, expressed concerns about the high risk of full-scale hostilities. He stressed that Hezbollah will enter the conflict only if there is a threat of the complete destruction of Hamas.


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