Hezbollah Air Defense


Netanyahu had to fly around Lebanon because of Hezbollah air defense systems

Netanyahu, who was flying to meet with Putin, had to fly around Lebanon.

The plane aboard Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu did not approach the borders of the airspace of neighboring Lebanon because of the high risk that the aircraft could be attacked by members of Hezbollah. According to a number of sources, the recent conflict between Israel and Lebanon became a cause for concern, and given the fact that Hezbollah has not only anti-aircraft mounts, mainly of the Soviet type, but also portable anti-aircraft missile systems, the risk could really be a place.

Journalists of Avia.pro have not yet been able to confirm or refute the flight route of the Israeli Prime Minister, however, given the fact that it is precisely because of the actions of the latter that the situation is destabilizing in the whole region, there is something to worry about for Benjamin Netanyahu.

Today, Lebanon and the Hezbollah’s organization have no effective air defense systems, which the Israeli Air Force is actively using, violating the airspace of a sovereign state and delivering unjustified blows to it.

The most is over Nenka. Checked more than once.

Author! What did you smoke? Since when have Israeli planes been flying through Lebanese airspace? All sides from Tel Aviv fly north through Cyprus.

Above Lebanon there is no need to fly to Europe. No reason.

It is a pity that I did not fly through Lebanon ...