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NetEase: Russian Black Sea Fleet is ready to attack US ships in case of new provocations

Russia is ready to attack American ships in the Black Sea in case of new escalations.

Provocative actions by the United States near Russian territorial waters may lead to the fact that the Russian military may attack American ships if they approach Russian borders or if they violate Russia's territorial waters. In the first and second cases, Russia's actions may turn out to be completely legal, especially since Washington has been warned about attempts to create tension near Russian waters.

According to the specialists of the publication "NetEase", despite the fact that Russia did not attack a British ship that violated Russian territorial waters, the patience of the Russian side is coming to an end, and if a dangerous situation is created by the American fleet, the consequences for the latter will be very grave.

"In the event of an emergency, the foreign fleet in the Black Sea will be destroyed", - sums up the publication “NetEase».

On the other hand, to date, the United States is not seen in creating dangerous provocations in the Black Sea, unlike Great Britain and the Netherlands. This does not exclude the possibility that by their actions the NATO countries could drag the United States into serious trouble with Russia.

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