The unsuccessful attempt of the BRDM-2 to evade the missile was caught on video

BRDM-2 tried to "deceive" the rocket with an unexpected maneuver.

Combat reconnaissance vehicle BRDM-2, having got into the zone of destruction of an anti-tank missile system of an unidentified type, tried to avoid being hit by a missile. Despite the fact that the speed of the anti-tank missile was many times higher than the speed of the BRDM-2, the driver of the armored combat vehicle, apparently noticing the approach of the missile, tried at the last moment to make an unexpected maneuver and avoid defeat, however, the maneuver was performed too early and a moment later the missile destroyed the combat vehicle. car.

On the presented frames, you can see how an anti-tank missile is launched at the BRDM-2 combat reconnaissance and patrol vehicle. Initially, the combat vehicle moved at a rather slow speed, however, after the rapidly approaching missile was detected, the speed of the BRDM-2 increased significantly. Just a few seconds before the impact, the driver of the BRDM-2 tried to take it to the right, hoping that the missile would fly past, however, the maneuver, apparently, was made too early, and therefore, the operator of the anti-tank missile system changed the trajectory of the missile, and the latter still knocked out the BRDM-2.

The force of the explosion turned out to be so powerful that a multi-ton vehicle was literally thrown off the road, while the fate of the BRDM-2 crew is still unknown.