The incredible attack of the Russian "Terminators" near Kremennaya got on video

Russian BMPT "Terminator" staged a heated battle against the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Kremennaya.

During another attempt by the Ukrainian military to get close to Kremennaya, the Russian military launched an unexpected counteroffensive and unleashed a powerful blow on the advancing forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, using advanced Russian tank support combat vehicles BMPT "Terminator". In fact, this is the first spectacular video of the use of these combat vehicles, which are actively operating along the entire Svatov-Kremennaya line.

On video footage taken by the Russian military, you can see how the Russian Terminator is quickly deployed to the area where Ukrainian troops are located and unleashes heavy fire, completely suppressing the forces of the Ukrainian army stationed there. A few more moments later, other combat vehicles of the Russian military arrive, which completely eliminate the detachment of Ukrainian troops.

In other video footage taken directly from the position of the BMPT "Terminator", you can see the work of the Russian combat vehicle from a different angle, which even better conveys its ability to conduct dense fire from its guns at enemy positions. The exact number of Ukrainian military stationed here remains unknown, however, the Armed Forces of Ukraine operate in the Kremennaya area, as a rule, in small detachments of 20 to 50 people.

The Russian BMPT "Terminator" was able to successfully prove itself in combat conditions, due to the ability to conduct dense barrage fire on almost any target, while to date not a single combat vehicle of this type has been lost.


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