The incredible power of Russia: the Russian fleet sent 18 military ships at once to military exercises

Immediately 18 warships of the Pacific Fleet of the Russian Navy were put to sea to carry out a combat mission.

The command of the Pacific Fleet of the Russian Navy demonstrated the tremendous power of the Russian Navy, sending 18 warships armed with the latest missile weapons to perform a certain combat mission.

“On March 26, 18 warships were immediately withdrawn from the main base of the Pacific Fleet of the Russian Navy in Vladivostok. Among the ships that left the base are the Varyag missile cruiser, the Bystry destroyer, the Admiral Vinogradov and Admiral Tributs large anti-submarine ships, the Sovetskaya Gavan and Metel small anti-submarine ships, the Marshal Krylov measuring ship, hospital ship "Irtysh", as well as supply vessels. The magazine, citing the information support department of the Primorsky region, announced on March 28 that it began exercises in the Pacific Ocean with the participation of ships of the water protection unit. One of the ship’s strike groups is working out a missile strike at a detachment of ships of a conditional enemy without performing actual missile launches, the report says.- сообщает "".

It is not known what kind of combat mission it is; however, such a large number of Russian warships simultaneously launched at sea is extremely rare. According to several assumptions, the reason for this is large-scale military exercises.