Unbelievable, but it is a fact! Russian aerospace forces bomb positions of militants in Syria according to messages from Internet messengers

The Russian Defense Ministry uses Internet messengers to eliminate the support bases of the jihadists.

Russian mercenaries, who are directly involved in military operations in Syria, using social networks and Internet messengers, publish the coordinates of the positions of jihadists in Syria, which are subsequently actively bombarded by the Russian Aerospace Forces. According to some reports, it may well be about representatives of the Russian PMC.

In early September, the Telegram-community “REVERSE SIDE OF THE MEDAL” announced the discovery of a positional area of ​​militants in the Syrian province of Idlib, and a few days later, powerful air strikes were delivered to this area. As it turned out, it was a jihadist training camp - thanks to the information that appeared, the illegal group was liquidated, while military warehouses, headquarters and vehicles of the militants were destroyed. On September 9, it became known about the elimination of a group of US-controlled militants "Malhama Tactical".

On September 10, information appeared about another training camp of militants - a few days later, the specified area was definitely destroyed by strikes of the Russian Aerospace Forces.

On September 13, a new entry appeared, on which the coordinates themselves were already presented - after a while, the positions of the jizadists were subjected to one of the most powerful bombings in recent years.

On the eve of the day, another target designation appeared - a building for storing a number of gun trucks and fuels and lubricants Hayat Tahrir al-Sham on the outskirts of large Idlib with the coordinates provided - strikes on this area have not yet been delivered, however, if it becomes known about the bombing of this area in a few hours , then, quite likely, this will confirm the arguments that the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation uses data from the Internet to conduct counter-terrorism operations.

It should be noted that only in the last week, thanks to the actions of the Russian Aerospace Forces in striking the regions indicated by "REVERSE SIDE OF THE MEDAL", it was possible to eliminate up to two hundred jihadists and seriously weaken the positions of the latter in Idlib.