Interception aircraft


Incredible interception of two military aircraft near the borders of Russia got on video

The Russian Defense Ministry raised the Su-27 fighter jets to intercept foreign military aircraft.

A few hours ago, the Avia .pro information resource reported on the flight of three foreign military aircraft near the borders of Russia, one of which was an American radio-electronic warfare aircraft, allegedly testing Russian systems by interfering with them. As it turned out, the combat aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces were urgently raised into the air for the subsequent interception of a nearby aircraft of the Swedish Air Force, approaching close to the borders of Russia.

As can be seen in the video frames presented, the crew of the Su-27CM Fighter VKS of the Russian Federation is rapidly catching up with the Swedish plane of electronic reconnaissance. However, due to the fact that the aircraft managed to move away from the borders of the Russian Federation, the fighter carries out only its support. Moreover, the US Air Force’s electronic surveillance aircraft Boeing RC-135V, which was also located in the area, was also accompanied, while all the work was done by one Russian fighter.

As for the American EW EC-130H Compass Call, but there is no information about its maintenance and possible interception.