Wreckage Boeing 737-800


Independent experts: the version of a terrorist attack on board Flydubai should not be ruled out

Experts do not exclude the version of act of terrorism aboard crashed in Rostov passenger liner.

It should be clarified that initially the company management is completely ruled out the probability of a terrorist attack on a passenger airliner Boeing 737-800, crashed last night in the Rostov airport, however, as noted by witnesses to the catastrophe, originally had two flash, while one of them occurred before the date collision of the aircraft with the ground, which may indicate that the explosion occurred in an airplane.

It is possible that the first outbreak was caused by the aircraft hit the ground, and the second detonated aviation fuel, however, experts believe that by deciphering the flight recorders should also take into account these circumstances, despite the fact that the rapid test showed a negative result of having on the ruins of traces of explosives.


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