The Netherlands and Belgium will transfer three warships to Ukraine

As part of strengthening Ukraine's naval capabilities, the Netherlands and Belgium are preparing to transfer three mine-resistant ships to Kyiv. This was stated by the representative of the Ukrainian Naval Forces Dmitry Pletenchuk in an interview with the Rada TV channel. According to him, at the moment the crews of these ships are already undergoing the necessary training.

These ships will complement the flotilla, which already includes two Sandown-class minesweepers received from the UK at the beginning of the year. Now the ships are named "Chernigov" and "Cherkassy". Pletenchuk clarified that the crews of British minesweepers have already received a first-level compatibility assessment from NATO and are striving to obtain a second-level assessment, which will expand their ability to perform tasks as part of international orders.

Earlier in March of this year, the Netherlands announced plans to transfer two minesweepers to Ukraine, which will become part of the Ukrainian Navy no earlier than 2025, after the Netherlands receives new ships for conducting mine action operations. Belgium also takes part in the training of Ukrainian crews.


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