The Netherlands is likely to send F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine after pilot training, according to Bloomberg.

According to sources of the publication, it was Amsterdam that put pressure on the United States for several months to give the go-ahead to send aviation to Ukraine.

Also, it is the Netherlands and Denmark that lead the coalition for the training of Ukrainian pilots with the support of Great Britain and Belgium. 

According to one of the sources of the publication, the Dutch government is already discussing with the allies plans for future deliveries. However, this may take "many months".

The Netherlands currently has 42 F-16 fighters in service, 24 of which are used by the Dutch army itself and cannot be sent to Ukraine until the middle of next year.

10 aircraft were to be sold to Draken International, but the deal was canceled by the government back in December without explanation.

Officially, the Dutch Ministry of Defense said that they would consider the delivery later, but for now, pilot training is a priority.


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