Columns of British and Romanian military equipment crossed the border with Moldova at night

British and Romanian military equipment entered the territory of Moldova.

Video footage, in the border area of ​​​​Moldova and Romania, was filmed tonight. They managed to capture army trucks carrying cargo of an unknown nature. It is noted that along with Romanian equipment, British military trucks and military equipment also entered the territory of Moldova.

Among the military equipment transported across the border with Moldova, military equipment was not seen, however, we can talk about the transfer of weapons and equipment, which may well be provided to both Moldova and Ukraine, especially since armored combat vehicles were already seen in such trucks. vehicles and ammunition.

To date, no official statements have been made by Moldova in this regard. However, a little earlier it was reported that Moldova, Romania and the UK intend to conduct military exercises, although the use of military equipment in them was not announced.

Earlier, Moldova has already been convicted of transporting military equipment to the territory of Ukraine. This does not exclude the possibility that NATO countries, under the guise of exercises, supply the Armed Forces with weapons and ammunition.


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