At night, air defense was actively working over the Kherson region, one of the strikes fell on the Antonovsky bridge

The Armed Forces of Ukraine attacked the Antonovsky bridge at night.

Tonight, air defense assets were actively working over the entire territory of the Kherson region. The latter repelled rocket attacks from Ukrainian troops, however, at least one of the rockets was able to strike the Antonovsky Bridge. The exact number of hits remains unknown, however, residents of the left bank of the Dnieper report one strong explosion and a fire that started after this.

The circumstances of the missile launch are still unknown. At the same time, local residents claim that air defense systems were also actively working, which, presumably, made it possible to shoot down some of the missiles.

How serious the damage to the Antonovsky Bridge after the last attack is is unknown.

The exact number of rockets fired at the Kherson region over the past XNUMX hours is not known, however, only during the night at least six explosions thundered over Kherson itself, while explosions were also recorded in a number of other areas of the Kherson region.


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