At night, Russian air defense repulsed the Himars MLRS attack on Novaya Kakhovka

Attempts by the Ukrainian military to strike at night on Novaya Kakhovka failed.

Tonight, residents of the Kakhovka region could observe the high activity of Russian air defense systems. The reason for everything was the massive shelling of Novaya Kakhovka and the surrounding area with the help of the Himars MLRS. Despite the fact that when approaching the target, the missiles accelerate to a speed of 3500 km / h, Russian air defense systems were able to repel the attack by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, as evidenced by video footage taken by local residents.

On the video footage that appeared on the Web, you can see how Russian air defense systems are repelling the attack of the Ukrainian military on New Kakhovka. The interception of the target occurred literally seconds before the M30\M31 missile was supposed to hit a certain target, as evidenced by a bright flash in the sky, at an altitude of literally several hundred meters.

At the same time, an attack by the Ukrainian military, like this one, was far from the only one, and the exact number of intercepted Himars MLRS missiles remains unknown, however, according to the source, the Armed Forces of Ukraine tried to attack some targets in the area of ​​the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station.

Over the past two days, the Ukrainian military has significantly stepped up attacks using Himars MLRS.


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