At night in Baghdad, the US embassy and the American military base were stormed

Pro-Iranian formations tried to storm the American embassy and military base in Baghdad.

Tonight, a group of several thousand pro-Iranian formations was able to break into the so-called "Green Zone" in Baghdad and tried to storm the American embassy and the American military base located here. The Iraqi security forces failed to contain the onslaught of a radicalized crowd, which, as it turned out, was unhappy with the actions of the United States and accused Washington of rigging elections in the country.

On the presented video frames one can see the moment of the breakthrough of an aggressive crowd of pro-Iranian formations into the “Green Zone”. An attempt to approach the American embassy and the US military base was prevented by the deployment of a large number of Iraqi troops, however, the situation in Iraq is heating up again. This does not exclude the likelihood of imminent attacks and rocket attacks, as has been repeatedly observed in the past.

It should be noted that any serious clashes in Baghdad were avoided tonight - after a few hours the protesters were pushed out of the area of ​​the Iraqi capital.