At night, up to 10 explosions thundered in Dzhankoy, there are victims

The Russian military successfully repelled a drone attack on Crimea.

Crimean Governor Sergei Aksyonov announced that the attack on the Crimean peninsula was successfully repelled tonight. Unmanned aerial vehicles took part in the attack, however, apparently, the wreckage of the drones caused some serious damage and even wounded at least one person.

“Air defense worked out in the Dzhankoy area, according to preliminary data, the wreckage damaged the household and the store, 1 person was injured”- said the Governor of the Crimea Sergey Aksyonov.

On video footage taken by residents of Dzhankoy and neighboring settlements, powerful explosions can be seen. In total, about 10 of them thundered. At the same time, on the video frames you can hear that mainly automatic weapons are used to destroy drones.

Such an attack is of particular concern due to the fact that there is a large railway junction and a military airfield in Dzhankoy. Satellite images of these critical facilities are expected to appear within a day, which will make it possible to objectively assess the situation with the drone attack that happened at night.


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