Shot down Su-24


Nordic Monitor: Erdogan personally gave the order to shoot down Russian planes, and the pilot who shot down the Russian Su-24 was presented for the award

The role of Erdogan in the destruction of Russian aircraft over Syria is revealed.

Despite statements by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan that the destruction of the Russian front-line Su-24 bomber over Syria was an accident, it became known that it was the Turkish leader who gave direct orders to shoot down Russian military aircraft. Moreover, as it turned out, the F-16 fighter pilot of the Turkish Air Force not only escaped punishment, but was also presented for the award.

“The pilot of the F-16 fighter that shot down the Russian Su-24M on November 24, 2015, according to the statement of his chief of staff, on April 10, 2019, testifying in the Ankara court, Colonel of Staff Ramazan Gezel, chief of staff of General Akar, who was the chief of general headquarters at the time of the plane crash, told the panel of judges how the Supreme Commander-in-Chief was satisfied with the work of the fighter pilot. “We (Akar and his entourage) went to Konya. ... He spoke to every employee there. They said, "Commander, this is the pilot who shot down the Russian plane." If I remember correctly, the pilot just had a new baby. Akar congratulated him and wished him luck. His congratulations applied not only to the newborn, but also to the “downed Russian plane”, because then everyone supported the destruction of the plane, Gozel said. Earlier, Nordic Monitor released secret Turkish military documents that confirmed that President Erdogan ordered the Turkish Air Force to shoot down a military aircraft approaching the Turkish-Syrian border. On November 26, 2015, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan challenged Russia, stating that if a similar violation was committed, the response would be the same. Turkish semi-official Anadolu news agency, citing sources in Turkey, reported that the Russian Su-24 was attacked as part of Turkish rules of warfare in the Syrian region of Bayir Bukak, where the Turkmen live. ", - about it сообщает edition of "Nordic Monitor".

Such information means that the Turkish military was just waiting for the moment to shoot down Russian military aircraft, while just a few months ago, during an active confrontation between the Syrian, Russian and Turkish military in Idlib, Turkish military personnel attacked Russian aircraft three times - twice Su-24 bombers and once a reconnaissance aircraft.

Has it become known only recently? Or was it all hiding for 5 years?

Several months ago, they "attacked", but the Aerospace Forces did not draw any conclusions.