Nordic Monitor: Russian Su-34 and Syrian Su-22 were to strike at Erdogan in Ankara

It became known about Russia's intentions to strike at the Erdogan’s residence with Su-34 and Su-22 fighter-bombers.

The information publication “Nordic Monitor” published a document signed by the Turkish National Intelligence Organization, informing that Russia and Syria were preparing to launch a missile and bomb attack on the residence of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Ankara.

“The conversation between the Syrian brigadier, identified only as Adnan, and another person was recorded on December 3 of 2015. They talked about the upcoming meeting on December 30 of 2015 between a Russian general, whose name was Sergey, and another unidentified officer from the Syrian government forces. The meeting was to be held at the Russian-controlled Khmeimim airbase southeast of the city of Latakia, and the Russian general was supposed to arrive from the Syrian region of Kessab, located in the northwestern Syrian province of Latakia. The topic of discussion was to load the Russian Su-22 and Su-34 military aircraft with a heavier payload, and the Russian general should inform the Syrian side about the purposes for which it will be used, according to intelligence. The Turkish National Intelligence Organization found that negotiations between the Syrian government forces related to the first intelligence and included in the same note. The second message dealt with the following conversation: “We will load in this ammunition, which will be sent. Barrel bombs will also be added and everyone will go to Erdogan’s palace. ”, - reports "Nordic monitor”, Supporting the information with an appropriate document. experts note that we can talk about an unmanned (remote-controlled - approx. Ed.) Version of the Su-22, which is capable of developing supersonic speed, provided that the information provided by the media is true, which allows you to overcome the distance from the Syrian border to Ankara in less than 13 minutes. The Russian Su-34, most likely, should have accompanied the Su-22 in the airspace of the ATS.