North Press Agency: Russian fighters dropped missiles on a Syrian village

Syrian media report on Russian military missiles dropped on a local villagethe village.

Syrian media report that Russian fighters dropped several missiles on the territory of Syrian settlements located near the Russian military airbase "Khmeimim". Judging by the data presented, the ammunition was dropped by accident, however, such cases are repeated regularly.

“The most dangerous of the above, according to residents, is the fall of missiles from combat aircraft. These incidents happened more than once, and fate was merciful, because the missiles fell on agricultural land without causing human losses. Once an unexploded rocket fell near a house in the village of al-Sharashir, forcing the owners to leave their home, and then the competent authorities detonated a rocket that completely destroyed the house. "- сообщает Syrian news agency North Press.

It is noteworthy that, apart from the information announced by the North Press, this information has not appeared anywhere else. This does not exclude the possibility that we are talking about a special "heating up" of the situation in order to turn the society against the Russian military presence, since the same news agency also reported that Russian military aircraft were allegedly involved in the destruction of houses of local citizens.

“Given the fact that the news agency is more supportive of the United States, it is logical to assume that such publications are specifically directed against Russia. It is logical to assume that if such an emergency took place, then the information, at least, would be confirmed by some facts ", - the expert marks.

fallen 2 + 4 missiles are minuscule in comparison with firing practice, and the pilots are hardly interested

The war is beneficial to everyone, except for the one who is killed, and the Russian ammunition industry as well.

As in the song "War, there is a war ..." to whom the civil, to whom the information ...