Norway will assemble German Leopard 2 tanks


Norway will assemble German Leopard 2 tanks

On Tuesday, June 11, the press service of the Norwegian Ministry of Defense announced the signing of an agreement between the Franco-German tank manufacturer KNDS and the Norwegian company RITEK. According to this agreement, for the first time in history, Leopard 2 tanks will be assembled at a plant in Norway. Norwegian Defense Minister Björn Arild Gram congratulated KNDS Deutschland and RITEK on the signing of the agreement, emphasizing its importance for the country's defense industry.

Of the 54 Leopard 2 tanks Norway ordered from the German company Krauss-Maffei Wegmann, 37 will be assembled at the RITEK plant in Levanger. The production capacity of the enterprise is not disclosed, however, experts believe that we are talking about the production of 30-40 tanks per year.

The Norwegian Minister of Defense noted that the RITEK plant will not only assemble tanks, but will also become a center for their maintenance, repair and modernization.


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