Norway introduces entry ban for Russian tourists


Norway introduces entry ban for Russian tourists

Norway announced the introduction of an entry ban for Russian citizens arriving in the country for tourism and other non-essential purposes. This decision applies to all Russian citizens, regardless of whether they were issued a visa by Norway before the tightening of rules in the spring of 2022 or by other Schengen countries.

According to a message on the official government website, the new rules tighten control over the entry of Russians and provide for denial of entry when crossing the border. However, Russian citizens will be able to enter Norway for special reasons, such as visiting close relatives, work or study.

The Norwegian Minister of Justice and Public Security noted that the decision to restrict entry is in line with the position of the country and its allies on the need for a joint response to the events around Ukraine.

“The decision to limit entry opportunities is in line with Norway’s position on the need to respond jointly with our allies and partners to Russia’s illegal aggression against Ukraine.”, said the minister.

The decision underscores the ongoing pressure on Russia.


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