Nuclear submarine


Norway found to damage a nuclear submarine nuclear reactor

Norway was involved in damage to a nuclear submarine.

Military expert Alexei Leonkov, in an interview with Moskovsky Komsomolets, said that Norway was involved in damage to the nuclear reactor of the K-278 nuclear submarine Komsomolets. According to the expert. It is because of the actions of the Norwegian submariners that the level of radiation has increased in the 1000-fold value.

“If you look closely at the pictures published by the Norwegians, we clearly see how the device probe penetrates into the boat, but this is unacceptable! The hull plays the role of a sarcophagus, as in Chernobyl. And the Norwegians, it turns out, have penetrated inside and now they are still surprised that the level of radiation has grown a thousandfold. ”, - said the expert.

It should be clarified that earlier the Russian vice-admiral stated that the information of the Norwegian investigators regarding the fact that the radiation background near the submarine is exceeded 100 thousand times is not true.

“I don’t believe in these gossip. These are inventions of people who do not even know what is happening and how it works. It's impossible. The reactor is shut off, everything is closed, sealed, and that was it. ”, - the "Lenta" edition quotes him.

It should be noted that Norway had a lot of questions about the incident that happened with the Losharik nuclear submarine, but water samples showed that there are no radioactive substances in it.

The submarine is also the burial place of seamen, belonging to the Russian Federation. Access by third countries is prohibited - without permission!