Norwegian warships staged a provocation against the frigate "Admiral Gorshkov", armed with hypersonic missiles "Zirkon"

The ships of the Norwegian Navy staged a provocation against the frigate "Admiral Gorshkov", carrying Zircon hypersonic missiles on board.

A group of Norwegian warships attempted to pursue the Russian frigate "Admiral Gorshkov", which is the carrier of hypersonic tactical cruise missiles "Zirkon", during its passage from the waters of the Barents Sea to the waters of the North Sea. The incident lasted for quite a long time, and the moment of pursuit of the Russian ship was recorded by the spacecraft.

It is known that initially the Russian frigate "Admiral Gorshkov" was pursued by a group of warships of the Norwegian Navy. On July 3, only one Norwegian warship, Fridtjof Nansen, was already on the satellite image, which followed at a distance of about 7 nautical miles parallel to the course of the Russian frigate. In Norway, they confirmed the fact of tracking the Russian warship, however, the reasons for this were never named. This indicates that there was no real need to escort the Russian warship, and, in fact, only a provocation was arranged.

“Joint Headquarters spokesman Major Elisabeth Eikeland confirms that ships from the Norwegian Navy and NATO allies followed the Russian frigate. “Admiral Gorshkov is now being followed by Bergen,” she told the Barents Observer. The Coast Guard vessel was in international waters off the coast of Western Norway on Tuesday, according to tracking portal AIS Major Eikeland did not elaborate on the details, citing "operational reasons.", according to The Barents Observer