Norwegian warship KV Svalbard invades the waters of the Northern Sea Route

A Norwegian warship entered the waters of the Northern Sea Route unnoticed.

According to monitoring resources, the Norwegian warship KV Svalbard has invaded the waters of the Northern Sea Route, and is currently in the exclusive economic zone of Russia. According to preliminary data, the movement of the military icebreaker of the Norwegian Navy is carried out without prior approval from Russia.

"Since October 15, the Norwegian Coast Guard military icebreaker KV Svalbard with 55 officers and scientists on board representing the Coordinated Arctic Acoustic Thermometry Experiment" (CAATEX) project has been touring the exclusive economic zone of Russia along one of the Northern Sea Route routes without any permits and notifications of the relevant Russian departments, so zealously guarding this path. Having passed in the immediate vicinity and not so long ago having left behind the main base of the Northern Fleet on the Franz Josef Land archipelago, now the icebreaker continues to move eastward and is located north of the Severnaya Zemlya archipelago (black dot), keeping a course along the ice edge (on the slide - map ice conditions in the Arctic on October 20) in the Beaufort Sea, where he plans to restore three specialized installations previously mounted there for monitoring hydrometeorological conditions in the American Arctic sector by his crew ", - about it сообщает "Telegram" - "Operative Line" channel.

Earlier, Russia promised to react toughly to such actions, and it is obvious that Russian warships may begin to pursue actual violators, although no official statements on this matter from the Russian Navy command have been reported.

It should be noted that Russia considers the waters of the Northern Sea Route exclusively its own water space, and it is for this reason that NATO ships do not risk entering these waters, despite harsh statements, which, by the way, can be trivially connected with the inability of NATO warships to work in conditions extremely low temperatures.

What problems!? Announce the start of exercises in the region.

Laying pipelines and cables is no longer a topic. They are not allowed in the economy zone.

The ship is located in the economic zone, but not in the territorial waters. The economic zone is a strip 200 miles from the border of the territorial waters. It has the right to be there.

In the exclusive economic zone, all states enjoy the freedoms of navigation and flights, the laying of submarine cables and pipelines and other uses of the sea that are legal from the point of view of international law.

They have one military icebreaker, he just got lost and got stuck. Apparently I came across an ice thickness of more than a meter ..

That way, the whole army will enter the Russian Federation, and our border guards, and the warriors in general, will only be watching. Why, then, we deduct such huge sums for the maintenance of the warriors, if they are only watching? Or are our border guards only protecting the Black Sea, and whoever you want to enter Russia from the North?

"three specialized installations for monitoring hydrometeorological conditions in the American Arctic sector" - are they the same in Russia?

Yeah. Imperceptibly. But the media know about it. It's like you see us, but we're invisible.

So either he did not violate the border, or received permission ...

1) In fact, the Norwegian Navy's Svalbard icebreaker-class patrol ship BOhr is located much to the north of the Northern Sea Route routes, although it entered the sector of its water area north of the Severnaya Zemlya archipelago. Again, based on the ice conditions, making the transition along the ice edge.
2) The route of further movement of the Svalbard SC will also pass along the northern border of the NSR water area and the border of the ice edge. This does not require any "permits and notifications of the relevant Russian departments."
3) This is the substitution of concepts, and most likely, the deliberate lie of the "Operational Line" with regard to the procedure for the movement of foreign ships along the routes of the Northern Sea Route, established by the Russian side.
By the way, on the website of the administration of the NSR there is a section-tab “vessels - violators”. PK Svalbard is not listed there. So everything is according to the rules.

entered the economic zone, not what that zone is 600 miles away. db would enter the territorial.

It's simple. Let this boat go along the SMS, no one will say a word, but when it crosses the territory of the Russian Federation, it will be destroyed. At the same time, Russia, all the ports of the SMP and the possibilities of salvation will not strike a finger on a finger if a trouble happens with this ship. So let's see where he will swim.

And what about the border guards? The border has not been violated, the territorial has not entered

GDP has some show-off and endless patience with foreign partners. Weak to him clearly. There is no patience and respect only with your own people!

Our border guards track crab and fish lovers

So they are not in the waters of the Russian Federation, but in the international waters of the EEZ (exclusive economic zone), these are not the waters, and there he may not be a fishing vessel, but it cannot be there

If you have not violated the 12-mile zone, then the border has not been violated, and it is not entirely correct to consider the Northern Sea Route only the internal waterway of the Russian Federation

Something I do not understand. Border guards with us that everyone is on vacation or remotely? What a disgrace?

And our ship would have been in their place, and the Norwegians in our place, as if they would have sunk, without hesitation. We survived, we let the border violators pass, we drive pensioners into poverty, we do not observe the constitution ..... Mess!