Norwegian warship invaded Russian waters several times

The ship of the Norwegian Navy entered Russian waters several times without permission.

A Norwegian naval vessel, located at the northern Russian borders, has repeatedly violated the waters of the exclusive economic zone of Russia, the so-called. Northern Sea Route. The violations were short-lived, however, the Russian side was unable to protect its own interests. This was reported by Telegram-channel "Operative Line".

“November 24 in the port of Longyearbyen, architect. Spitsbergen, Norway, the odyssey of the Norwegian patrol ship KV Svalbard, which began on October 15th, ended on the routes, as the officials of the Norwegian Navy themselves evasively call them, a transpolar sea route, on which this steamer more than once visited the water area of ​​the Northern Sea Route of Russia and even made a minimum on it one suspicious stop at the Bolshevik Island of the Severnaya Zemlya archipelago, the essence of which has yet to be assessed by specialized specialists ", - about it inform "Telegram" - the "Operational Line" community, publishing the corresponding route for the passage of the Norwegian Navy warship.

Earlier it was reported that the Norwegian ship, judging by the data that appeared on the Web, could indeed successfully use the waters of the Northern Sea Route to perform its own tasks, however, no official comments from the Russian defense department on this matter were received.

“Who knows what actions a Norwegian naval vessel did in the area. It is possible that we can talk about espionage at all or about the placement of equipment for tracking Russian submarines ", - the analyst underlines.

A violation is when a 12-mile zone of territorial waters is invaded. And if they walked in a 200-mile economic zone, then no one can tell them anything. The Arctic is the same ocean like all the others, and the law of the sea is exactly the same there.

After the dissolution of snot by the ship "Admiral Vinogradov", NATO will sail in our seas, even on rubber boats. They realized that our bragging about strong weapons was all a bluff.

Valery is ARCTIC! And the area of ​​1 200 thousand square km is not the English Channel :)) ... :))

He invaded and burst out ... :)) And this is in the vastness of the cold Arctic Ocean. They didn't fish or build a platform, they just "went in for a short time .." (so fast, so that if something, then WERE, and if something and "we did nothing wrong")
The question is. ...SO WHAT ?! Let them feel like heroes ... :)

But we are claiming the border to the North Pole. It, of course, was not accepted by the UN, but this vessel violated it. If we want to defend our claims to this border, we had to bend the Norwegians. Otherwise, the Kuril Islands may not be ours.

Gone, put mines, long-term operation. In plastic, unlimited validity. They will tear when the caravans move northward. Until Russia gives up the share, the mines will explode one by one and the "Northern Sea Route" will be closed for shipping.

Another cheap hype for ordinary people. The Exclusive Economic Zone stretches for 200 km and anyone crossing its border does not violate anything.