A new attack on a Russian military convoy: previously unknown circumstances uncovered

New circumstances of the attack on the Russian military convoy in Syria are revealed.

Specialists discovered two important features in the incident in the Syrian province of Idlib, when a local group attacked a Russian military convoy during a joint Russian-Turkish patrol. Both details indicate the fact that the militants maintained contact with the Turkish military until the last seconds.

The first feature that experts pay attention to is that the congress, at which the incident with Russian armored vehicles took place, was not guarded by any Turkish military personnel, although previously all the terrain on the route of the Russian-Turkish patrol was blocked by Turkish armed forces. According to local media, the car was attacked precisely by the Russian armored personnel carrier, although due to the structures located at this location, it could not know about the approach of military equipment, and therefore, it had to receive information about the patrol's movement with great accuracy.

The second feature is the fact that before the start of the patrolling process, the routes of movement of the Russian and Turkish military were not coordinated, and therefore, the likelihood that the militants simply “improvised”, specifically leaving a truck with a centner of explosives at this point, is practically zero. Obviously, someone conveyed to the Islamists that the movement of the military convoy would take place on a strictly defined route with almost chronometric accuracy, which raises many suspicions as to whether this attack was a thoroughly played performance in order to intimidate the Russian military.

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