A new batch of Su-57 fighters will enter the Russian Aerospace Forces in the near future

Rostec intends to increase the pace of production of fifth-generation fighters.

The state corporation Rostec announced that in the near future an additional batch of Su-57 fighters will be transferred to the arsenal of the Russian Aerospace Forces. The number of transferred aircraft is not called, however, it seems to be about two additional fighters, which will significantly expand the capabilities of the Russian army.

The exact number of Su-57 combat aircraft currently in service with the Russian Aerospace Forces is not called, however, it also became known that in the near future the production of fifth-generation Su-57 fighters will be expanded. This will allow the production of a much larger number of combat aircraft in order to fulfill both the previously concluded contract for the supply of 76 combat vehicles of this type of the Russian Ministry of Defense, and with the aim of the possible delivery of these fighters to foreign buyers.

“According to the corporation, the general director of Rostec, Sergey Chemezov, visited KnAAZ im. Gagarin (part of the UAC "Rostec"), where the production of Su-57 fighters is currently underway. "The enterprise is working to increase the production of these aircraft under a contract between the UAC and the Russian Defense Ministry, a new batch of fighters will be delivered to the troops in the near future," the state corporation said. Chemezov noted that "this year the Russian Aerospace Forces will receive new Su-57 fighters, they are in a high degree of readiness, and in the future the pace of production of these fighters will be increased."- RIA Novosti reports.

Earlier it became known that the Su-57 fighters were involved in the course of the NWO.