The new Russian submarine has horrified the West


The new Russian submarine has horrified the West

The Russian nuclear submarine Arkhangelsk raises serious concerns among the North Atlantic Alliance, writes the British publication Express. Experts have expressed concern that Western countries may not detect this advanced cruise missile submarine, making it especially dangerous to NATO military bases, naval convoys and critical infrastructure on shore.

According to Express, Arkhangelsk will significantly strengthen the Russian Navy thanks to its equipment with invulnerable nuclear missiles capable of reaching speeds of up to 10 kilometers per hour. This makes it one of Russia's most formidable underwater assets, capable of delivering precision strikes over long distances.

In March, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced the addition of four new submarines to the Navy: two nuclear-powered Knyaz Pozharsky (Borey-A project) and Arkhangelsk (Yasen-M project), as well as the latest diesel submarine Varshavyanka for Pacific Fleet "Yakutsk" and the second serial "Lada". These innovations are aimed at strengthening Russia's defense potential and ensuring strategic superiority at sea.

Arkhangelsk, as part of the Yasen-M project, is one of the most advanced submarines in the world. Her invisibility and speed make her a serious threat to potential opponents. In addition, Russian engineers continue to develop new advanced weapons, which indicates Russia's desire to constantly update and modernize its navy.


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