Hypersonic rocket


The latest US hypersonic missile AGM-183A turned out to be too simple even for the outdated S-300 air defense systems

The first characteristics of the American AGM-183A hypersonic missile have been announced.

American journalist Steve Trimble has unveiled some of the characteristics of the newest American hypersonic missile AGM-183A, which was previously positioned as a weapon to strike at Moscow. As it turned out, the characteristics of the newest missile are so low that it can easily be destroyed even by Soviet weapons (version of the S-300 "Favorite" air defense system).

According to the data presented, the rocket is aeroballistic. But already at the first stage, the rocket changes its flight altitude, trying to carry out a deceptive maneuver against air defense / missile defense systems, moving along the so-called quasi-ballistic trajectory. Already when approaching the target, the rocket gains altitude again, finding itself out of the field of action of the radar and strikes the enemy. Nevertheless, today even the S-300 complexes, developed back in the USSR, can cope with such goals. Moreover, the acceleration of the rocket to hypersonic speed occurs only in the final phase of the flight, which, with a missile range of about 1 kilometers, allows it to be intercepted even immediately after launch.

Remarkable is the fact that the United States still does not disclose the maximum flight speed of the AGM-183A rocket, since according to unofficial data it is at the threshold value of hypersonic speed.

S-300 bayraktar can't catch what kind of hypersounds are we talking about?))



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