Cruise missile


The newest Russian cruise missile unexpectedly turned out to be nuclear.

The 9М729 rocket, due to which the INF / DIS, collapsed, turned out to be in nuclear design.

According to Mark Esper, who is supposed to be the new head of the US Department of Defense, the Russian cruise missile 9М729, because of which the United States of America, followed by Russia, stopped participation in the Treaty on Medium and Short-Range Missiles, was in nuclear performance.

Esper did not give any evidence to his words, however, as experts note, the statement itself was almost certainly fabricated, and the purpose of this could be the beginning of the development and production of missiles, which were previously limited to the INF.

“Even if we assume that if in some unthinkable way the 9М729 missiles possess nuclear charge, this does not give any significant advantage. On the other hand, the US accusations are not supported even indirectly, and, obviously, this is just another “reinsurance” of Washington, which is trying to shift all responsibility onto Russia. ”, - the analyst notes.

Earlier, Russia organized a demonstration of the 9М729 rocket, but the American side refused to participate in the public inspection of the rocket and the launching complex.

another master of distortion of facts. This is exactly the proverb - about a straw in someone else's eye, and a log in his.
The author for whom you work?
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