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The latest Russian anti-satellite missile did not reach the target thousands of kilometers

The latest Russian anti-satellite missile has proved useless against space satellites.

Despite the fact that the latest Russian anti-satellite missile “Nudol” is positioned as a killer of space satellites, it turned out that the capabilities of this rocket are very limited - it cannot reach its targets of several tens of thousands of kilometers.

“The whole problem, however, is that the communications satellites are in geostationary orbit. For example, the USA-243 satellite, the military communications satellite of the WGS (Wireband Global SATCOM) series, launched in May 2013, is accessing the GSO at an altitude of 35786 km. The satellites of the NAVSTAR system, which supports the GPS system, rotate in circular orbits at an altitude of 20180 km. <...> So, “Nudol” will simply not reach the communication and navigation satellites ”, - reports "Military Review».

The Nudol missile can still reach some satellites, however, they do not represent any important military significance, and therefore, the prospects of the latest Russian anti-satellite missile remain a very big question, even despite the successful testing of this missile.

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You have a poor knowledge of this matter. Every year at the training ground in Ashuluk, all regiments of Russia conduct live firing, both planned and non-planned. And there are targets there, like an imitation of a cruise missile, like an imitation of an intercontinental missile (the target is called Boar) and including an imitation of an airplane (there is one. And believe me, they also shoot down, I was a participant in such firing in the distant 1999 year, with complexes C-300

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= them by the way and with 300 successfully knocks =
I must disappoint you: the S-300 air defense systems, like the S-400 during their entire operation (42 years and 11 years, respectively), did not bring down any aircraft, not a single satellite, not a single missile. The insect was not offended. Even civilian.
Unless the models in the demonstrations. Their layouts, of course. And then for sure "as if knocks down." :)

What a fool ... is it with the GSO MILITARY satellites will aim at the target ??? Do you seriously believe that satellite images are received from a height of ???
Do you have observatories flying there or a satellite ?????
The military does not live on the GSO

Apparently, the author does not quite understand how much it is and where it will be in 20180 km from the Earth)))) !!

Why would this rocket fly into geostationary orbit? Most of the satellites there are for television, and have no military significance.
And the targets of this rocket are at an altitude of three hundred kilometers, and it reaches them perfectly.

So it is not positioned as an anti-satellite weapon (maximum for low-orbit), otherwise they attributed their Wishlist and now someone is disappointed - like they couldn’t :)


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bullshit! the author of the article would need to know how high the satellites are !! "tens of thousands of miles!" bullshit! them by the way and with 300 successfully knocks!

Someone overeating bleached ??? since when did the satellites on the GSO become the target of A-235 missiles?
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