The latest Russian missile hits a target at an altitude of 800 kilometers

The latest Russian missile was capable of shooting down targets at an altitude of 800 kilometers.

According to media reports, the newest Russian missile, part of the Russian missile defense system, which was tested a few days ago, successfully hit its target at an altitude of 800 kilometers, thereby significantly surpassing the capabilities of any existing missile defense system in the world.

“The A-235 system is Russia's response to the US missile defense system in Europe. American military experts also admit that the A-235 is completely superior in strength to the US defense system. In particular, the components of the A-235 version are located on the chassis of a specialized vehicle to increase maneuverability, so it can be easily deployed in Russia. The range of the A-235 anti-missile system is 1500 km and it is capable of intercepting targets at an altitude of over 800 km. The interceptor missile is capable of intercepting targets in space, in particular, the A-235 system is quite capable of shooting down an enemy satellite ", - about it сообщает information publication "DatViet".

The promising nature of this missile is evidenced by at least the fact that today the intercontinental ballistic missiles in service with the United States and other countries of the world rise to a much lower height, and it will take many years to develop new ICBMs capable of surpassing the Russian anti-missile missile.