Russia may shoot down the latest "smart" cruise missiles of the USA without firing a single shot

Russia can destroy the latest US cruise missiles without firing a single shot.

Modern American cruise missiles, capable of entering to attack their targets at extremely low altitudes, in fact, skirting the terrain or flying several meters above the water surface, turned out to be completely useless for attacks against Russia. It turned out that they can be destroyed even without firing a single shot.

To move at extremely low altitudes and bend around the terrain, cruise missile guidance systems use satellite data, the exchange with which occurs almost constantly. Taking into account the fact that modern Russian electronic warfare systems can correct these data by changing the altitude indicator by only an insignificant amount, which the missile systems cannot recognize as interference or error, cruise missiles can simply be collided with the earth's surface or water surface, destroying them without firing a shot.

Similar technologies have already been actively used by the Russian military in Syria, however, the entire spectrum of data has changed. As a result, the same American Tomahawks and Israeli Delilahs missed their targets by several kilometers.

Considering the fact that electronic warfare systems capable of suppressing satellites are deployed on the Russian border, it is logical to assume that any, even the largest-scale enemy attack will be extremely useless.

Nothing surprising, now both sides practice all attacks, even nuclear ones, without firing a single shot.

Extremely rash statements, because in the event of a conflict at least at the level of the Arab-Israeli wars, air defense and military equipment will be hit first ...

Ruslan is right, in case of distortion (although NAVSTAR is now very noise-immune) or suppression of the satellite signal, the Tomahawk Block IV switches only to the INS and TERCOM. EW will not help here.

Great news. True, this moment is embarrassing: how do our Calibers and other Petrels orientate themselves? Will our "partners" do the same? How to scare them then?

GB is short for Big Stupidity.

In addition to satellite, Tomahawks still have many different guidance systems.

If you replace the map of the area when checking with the satellite, will it fly back to the launch site?

Do not say gop until you have jumped, only a fool can consider himself smarter than everyone else.