UAV Lightning


The newest UAV "Thunder" will be able to control a swarm of drones with the ability to change their mission

The Russian Thunder drone will be able to control the Molniya drones in flight.

The representative of JSC "Kronstadt", which is developing the newest supersonic attack drone "Thunder", said in an interview with the TASS news agency that the newest UAV will be able not only to control a flock of drones, but at the same time, independently change the task of the slave drones right in the process flight, which will allow, when targets are identified, to start an attack on them.

“The returnees are reconnaissance drones. Shock, as in the case of loitering ammunition, - kamikaze. "Lightning" will constantly communicate with each other and the drone carrier "- сообщает Russian news agency "TASS", with reference to the words of the interlocutor.

The date of this project is still unknown, however. Apparently, the shock "Thunder" will go into service with the Russian army in the next few years, as there is information that the UAV is already undergoing the necessary tests.

Experts draw attention to the fact that under certain conditions, the Thunder UAV and the Lightning drones led by it will be able to break through areas with deployed air defense and missile defense systems, and given the lack of weapons capable of effectively fighting small drones, drones will be hit impossible.