UAV Orion


Russia's newest Orion drone strikes hard against Turkish jihadists in Syria

Russian attack UAV "Orion" attacked the jihadists two months after it was put into service.

For the first time, the Russian military used its Orion multipurpose attack drone in combat, destroying a large militant base in the Syrian province of Aleppo. Initially, it was assumed that we are talking about the Russian kamikaze drone "Lancet", the use of which in Syria had already been confirmed, however, such information turned out to be erroneous.

“A local military source revealed that a Russian Orion appeared during the attack. This means Orion is almost a UAV that launched the aforementioned deadly attacks against the rebels. If the information about Orion's involvement in the war at El Bab is correct, this will be the first time a drone has hit the rebels since its official commissioning at the end of October 2020. ", - reports the information publication "DatViet" with reference to sources in Syria.

There are no official comments on this from Russia so far, however, the Russian military could well have tested this unmanned aerial vehicle in Syria in order to fully unleash its potential, and given that the drone was never detected by Turkish air defense systems. handed over to the militants, the drone could well prove itself.

That's when he strikes the Turkish forces, then praise.