Orion UAV crash


The latest Russian drone fell apart during a flight

The latest Russian Orion reconnaissance drone fell apart during a test flight.

Despite the fact that the recent tests of the Russian reconnaissance UAV Orion in Syria were called successful, and the drone itself began to be prepared for service, the test flight over the Ryazan region turned out to be completely failed for the drone - the aircraft literally fell apart, having managed to this cut down the pine tree and almost ram the high-rise buildings.

Judging by the information provided, the unmanned aerial vehicle lost control, as a result of which it began to sharply lose altitude, and after that crashed into a tree. Nevertheless, eyewitnesses report that even during the flight, a certain part of its hull fell off the drone, and only after that the drones began to fall.

By literally cutting down a tall tree, the drone lost fragments of the fuselage just a few meters from the playground and apartment buildings, which almost led to a tragic incident.

Representatives of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation have not yet commented on the situation, however, obviously, the drone is not yet ready to be sent to the troops, at least the incident has been an excellent confirmation of this.