The latest Russian PAK DA bomber will fly ahead of schedule

They decided to launch the Russian strategic bomber PAK DA earlier in the series.

The need to strengthen the country's defense capability in order to counter external threats forced Russian aircraft manufacturers to accelerate the process of developing, creating, testing and launching into serial production the latest Russian strategic bomber of the PAK DA project. If it was previously announced that this aircraft will begin to be mass-produced by 2029, then according to the Izvestia publication, the terms can be shifted by two years.

“According to the contract, it is planned to release three flight models of a bomber. Preliminary tests of the assembled prototypes, including the rescue system, are ordered to begin in April 2023 and be completed by the fall of 2025. This will be followed by a stage of state testing. <...> The Russian "stealth" PAK DA bomber (a promising long-range aviation complex) should go into production in 2027. ", - the Russian information publication reports.

It should be clarified that recently there have been many doubts among experts regarding the readiness of the project for the start of creation, due to the lack of information even about the appearance of this aircraft.

The USSR forged weapons silently. The Russian Federation tells a lot about what powerful weapons will be about to be made.

If at a pace like the SU-57, then not soon we will wait for him in the army.