The newest Russian fighter jet turned out to be a copy of the American F-35?

The newest Russian combat aircraft turned out to be almost an exact copy of the American F-35 fighter.

Western information resources said that the latest Russian fifth generation combat aircraft, which will be officially presented only this coming Tuesday, is hardly a complete copy of the American fifth generation F-35 fighter, as evidenced by the presented images, which compare the external characteristics of the fighters.

Among other things, the new Russian fifth-generation combat aircraft also bears clear resemblances to the Chinese Shenyang FC-31 (J-31) fighter and the South Korean KF-21 fighter.

In the presented image, you can see that the fuselages of all four combat aircraft (the Russian fighter is shown in the top photo - ed.) Are almost identical both in the frontal projection and in the lateral projection, which the world will almost certainly try to pour into a scandal.

Experts have not yet made any harsh statements on this score. It is noteworthy that the design of the same fifth-generation American fighter F-35 was regularly criticized by the Russian military, and therefore the appearance of a fighter similar in design raises some questions.

there is no similarity, in the USA there are hundreds of planes and we have only a few, what a similarity is there, and copies and models are not difficult to make, but mass production can only be a strong economy, and our pensioners are malnourished, the population is dying out

Who else copied from whom? Yak-141 not forgotten? Someone took the drawings in the 90s and applied the solutions to the F-35. And this plane has implemented the developments of the USSR / RF. And if you look closely at the photo, it is very similar to the MIG-41, the renders of which are on the network with 1 air intake in front!



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