The newest Russian complex can destroy drones from a distance of 20 kilometers

Serp Complex: test shots of a new drone hunter

The designers of the research institute in St. Petersburg developed a system "Sickle". According to the publication "Star", the task of the system - the suppression of on-board equipment drones, located at a distance of 20 kilometers. "Sickle" able to work in the conditions of the city and when finding a drone at an extremely low altitude.

The complex consists of the Serp module and the Bird-cherry locator. During the trials near St. Petersburg, the condition was a simulated situation. "Malefactors" launched a quadrocopter over a secret object. Locator, working in the passive mode, found the drone. Further, Serp began to work.

This new complex suppresses the control and navigation channels of the drone. Next, the complex intercepts the control of the intruder and causes it to land. It's almost impossible for the drone to leave Serpa.

At the same time, the Bird-cherry direction finder establishes the place from where the drone is controlled. The rapid response team that received the coordinates can only detain the offender.

The newest devices have been developed and created by the Roselectronica holding, which is part of Rostec State Corporation. Currently, tests of the systems included in the complex are at the final stage.

It may be recalled that in 2018, the Russian military destroyed and intercepted more than 50 drones launched by terrorists at the Hmeimim airbase.