Upgraded Su-30SM
Photo caption: 
Photo: Alexey Korshunov


The newest Russian modernized Su-30SM first spotted in the sky

A prototype of the modernized Su-30SM fighter was first seen in flight tests.

In the sky over Omsk, presumably during the flight from Irkutsk to Zhukovsky, a prototype of the modernized Russian Su-30SM fighter was seen. The aircraft is not painted, however, the identification marks on its fuselage indicate that this is the first prototype of the modernized fighter.

It is known that the Russian military really intended to modernize the Su-30SM fighters, but information that work in this direction is already being actively carried out has not yet appeared.

Considering the fact that the upgraded version of the Su-30SM fighter is already in flight, experts believe that serial production of these combat aircraft may begin next year. At the same time, taking into account the earlier statements made by the Russian defense department, the modernized version of the Su-30SM can be tested in Syria, where Russian weapons are being actively tested before entering the troops.

Details of the modernization of the Su-30SM fighter have not yet been disclosed.

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