In the Kursk region, a mobilized man accidentally shot a colleague from a machine gun

In the Kursk region, due to negligence, a mobilized man accidentally shot a colleague.

According to the "Base", the incident occurred on the territory of the settlement. Tolpino. The senior intelligence sergeant served as orderlies and held an Ak-74 assault rifle in his hands. At some point, a loaded weapon suddenly jumped out of his hands and fired a shot. As a result of the shot, a bullet hit his colleague, who was nearby, in the neck, as a result of which the latter died from a severe wound even before medical assistance was provided.

At the moment, an investigation is underway into the incident, while it remains unknown why the weapon was loaded and not put on the fuse, since in this case the death of a soldier could have been avoided.

As a result of negligence in the handling of military weapons, a criminal case may be initiated.


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