The newest Russian helicopter will be equipped with missiles that have no analogues in the world

The newest Russian helicopter will have missiles that even Western fighters do not have.

The Russian Ka-52M multipurpose attack helicopter will receive a unique missile called Product 305, which is reportedly capable of striking land and sea targets from a distance of 100 kilometers, which allows rotorcraft to operate far beyond the air defense zone enemy.

“The new model of the Ka-52M helicopter will be equipped with cruise missiles called“ Product 305 ”, the range of which reaches hundreds of kilometers - much more than the Hellfire missile (11 km) used by the US Apache attack helicopters. Such weapons can be installed on the Mi-28, which has a maximum speed of 300 km / h and a combat radius of 450 km. The total weight of weapons that a helicopter can carry can reach 2,3 tons. These are, in particular, the 9M120 "Attack" anti-tank missiles and a 30 mm cannon. The Ka-52M will also be equipped with a rotor-mounted radar that will improve the quality of target detection. However, American helicopters have been equipped with such complexes since the late 90s. ", - about it сообщает Russian information publication "Reporter".

Experts draw attention to the fact that modernized versions of Ka-52M helicopters can effectively engage both ground and sea targets, and, apparently, in the near future, Russian strike vehicles will have to confirm their capabilities in combat tests, in particular, we are talking about Syria.

“Russia has a naval base in Syria, and therefore the Ka-52 helicopter may well undergo full-fledged tests - take off from the deck of a warship, go to the jihadist area, deliver a series of strikes, check the success of the special operation and then return back to the deck of the ship. There is plenty of work for "fifty-second" in Syria ", - emphasizes the specialist.


That's how they will equip, so immediately write.

After that, the newest Hermes ground complex with a range of 100 km against armored vehicles and tanks made air-to-surface for aviation

Enough to frighten the Americans with the fact that Russia will someday be, maybe they do not react to this and continue to become impudent, violating our borders, remaining unpunished.