The newest strategic bomber of the US Air Force may indeed be invulnerable to the S-500 complexes

The American strategic bomber B-21 Raider can indeed be invulnerable to the Russian S-500 air defense systems.

Against the background of the appearance in the American media that the Russian S-500 Prometheus anti-aircraft missile systems would not be able to shoot down the American B-21 strategic bomber due to modern technologies used in its creation, it became known that this aircraft may indeed be beyond the control of Russian air defense / missile defense systems. Nevertheless, as it turned out, the point is not at all in the use of modern "stealth" protection and means of electronic suppression, but in the armament of this aircraft.

Experts draw attention to the fact that the American B-21 bomber may be armed with cruise missiles with a range of over 1 kilometers, and this also applies to the hypersonic aeroballistic missiles being developed by the United States, which these bombers will be armed with. In other words, the American B-21 does not need to enter the zone of destruction of the Russian S-500 Prometheus air defense systems.

On the other hand, experts draw attention to the fact that the capabilities of Russian air defense systems and over-the-horizon radars are quite enough to timely detect the approach of this aircraft and take timely measures to counter the threat.

Of course it will be invulnerable if it only flies over America)

or it may not be.

Maybe it doesn't mean turned out. First, no one knows the characteristics of the S-500 complex, and, accordingly, its capabilities. To talk with your tongue, not tossing bags. Avia pro has already written that in the United States they drew a hypersonic missile on a sheet of paper and it flew faster than the Russian ones right on the paper. So it still flies on paper. Lastly, both the F-22 and the F-35 were praised, arguing that the Su-35 and Su-57 are not competitors to the American, but both were discontinued as unsuccessful projects.

Will be ! Only the GPZR will be armed! Do they have them?
And who knows that the S-500 will not be replaced by a laser from the orbit of satellites while they are sleeping, but they will go into operation and the stealth will see the rocket. If there was even a hint of a hyper sound, they would not be trampling on the borders. They again shandarahni Japanese or Africa. To determine strength.
Delusions or assumptions.

Let at least the fifth, at least the tenth generation Exhaust is thermal, it will be hit by heat-guided missiles.

Just like candy on a wrapper - "Well, take it away!". Only here - Come on, shoot it down!

fortune telling on coffee grounds)))