The latest Su-57 will be shown at the exhibition "MAX-2019"

At the air show MAX-2019 for the first time they will show the export version of the fifth-generation Russian fighter.

As part of the MAKS-2019 air show in Zhukovsky, domestic aircraft manufacturers will for the first time demonstrate an export version of the Russian fifth-generation fighter Su-57. This will allow not only to get acquainted with the combat aircraft, but also make it possible to start exporting fighters to other countries, especially since, according to the assurances of Russian aircraft manufacturers, interest in the Su-57 is very large.

"On MAX-2019 Russian manufacturers will present for the first time the hottest and most anticipated new products of recent years - the fifth-generation multi-role fighter Su-57E and the light military transport aircraft Il-112VE ”, - Rosoboronexport reports in a statement.

What specific differences the Su-57E has from the basic version of the aircraft is unknown, as well as the cost of the export version of the combat aircraft remains unknown.

Previously, there was information that Su-57 fighters could begin to be delivered to the Middle East, however, to date, no country has expressed interest in buying these combat aircraft, and therefore, the export version of the fifth-generation Russian fighter still has the potential low enough.