The newest Russian cruise missile Kh-69 began to be adopted by front-line aviation

The Kh-69 cruise missile began to be adopted by front-line aviation.

Russian military reporter Alexander Sladkov announced the start of the adoption of the latest X-69 cruise missiles by the Russian front-line aviation. The existence of this missile became known several months ago, however, according to Sladkov, the missile has already begun to strengthen front-line aviation, including the one that operates as part of a special mastered operation.

“We are strengthening our front-line aviation, which is actively working within the framework of the NWO. The X-69 square-section missile is being put into service, to destroy fixed ground targets by aircraft, from a distance of up to 290 kilometers. 310 kilograms of explosives, total weight 710 kg, speed up to 1000 km/h. Carriers - aircraft of the new generation Su-57 and Su-75. But from an external sling, any of our strike aircraft can use this missile. ”, - reports the Russian military reporter Alexander Sladkov.

The X-69 cruise missile has high accuracy and successfully strikes at long distances, which can be used to perform combat missions within the framework of a special military operation.

At the moment, the combat use of these missiles has not been reported, however, this may be due to the fact that such weapons have only just begun to enter the Russian army.


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