Innovation in Kazan airport - baggage handling system


Innovation in Kazan airport - baggage handling system

February 17 2014. System BRS (Baggage Reconciliation System) allows you to significantly speed up the luggage. Thanks to the airlines have the ability to control the loading of baggage in real time and, consequently, prevent unpleasant situations of loss of luggage.

The efficiency of operation management system is now felt in her luggage Kazan airport.

With this system loading luggage on the wrong flight is almost impossible. BRS provides a compliance report the number of loaded and checked baggage. If baggage is not loaded on board the aircraft, baggage sorters will be notified about it. The system also provides information about the location of luggage onboard the aircraft.

This comfortable work with your luggage is possible thanks to the fact that the registration of passenger data entered into the baggage system. Moving on the luggage belt, luggage passes through the scanners that read the barcode on the label. Wireless scanners enable baggage sorters read bar code labels, and obtain the necessary information (flight number, name, etc.).