Attack of drones


New attacks on oil refineries in Saudi Arabia: Hussites urge to prepare for oil at 150 $

Yemeni rebels have announced new large-scale attacks on oil refineries in Saudi Arabia.

Yemeni rebels have made a statement that attacks on oil refineries in Saudi Arabia will continue, and recommend that all foreign citizens leave the country within the next few days. Moreover, according to a number of sources, we can talk about an attack on the largest oil producing enterprises of this Middle Eastern state, which will lead to an increase in the cost of oil to the level of 130-150 US dollars per barrel.

According to some information, during the last attack, the Hussites used unmanned aerial vehicles and cruise missiles, which are copies of the Soviet X-55 cruise missiles, as evidenced by the wreckage, which proves that some of the missiles were shot down, although in general the American missile defense systems “ Patriot "showed extremely low efficiency.

Experts estimate the threats of the Yemeni rebels as quite real, since today Saudi Arabia is the largest oil exporter, and even the latest attack by the Hussites could already cause oil prices to rise to 100 dollars per barrel.

Well done Husits, let's 150, we agree